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Get Started with Personalizing UGC

Terms, Tags, & Filters
What is the Bad Word filter?
What is Geo-fencing and what networks are supported?
How can I automatically publish my posts to save time?
How to set a post to automatically Publish, Queue or Disable
How long will it take for new content to arrive?
How can I only display tweets with images or videos?
How can I aggregate fan posts from my Facebook pages?
How do I include Replies and Retweets?
Can I whitelist/blacklist certain users?
When I create a term, does Visual UGC grab old content?
Does Stackla ingest hash-tagged Instagram content?
Facebook best practise
Understanding the different between Twitter mentions and replies
Facebook Term types that can be aggregated
What to do if your RSS term encounters the error, "This feed is not reachable. Socket hang up."
What to do if when the RSS feed does not provide images
Term creation best practises
What Networks can Visual UGC capture content from?
What content can Stackla aggregate from Facebook?
How do I aggregate content from other User feeds on Instagram?
Why do I have to connect my social media accounts to Stackla?
Customize Direct Uploader Error Messages
Where can I find the contact details collected with the Direct Uploader?
How do I remove my Instagram and Facebook accounts from my Stack?
How do I remove my Social account from Stackla?
What are the recommended image sizes for a custom tile?
Connecting your Facebook Account with Visual UGC
Adding Geo-fences to Terms (1:42)
What data can I capture with Direct Uploader?
How to aggregate older/historical social content?
Connecting your Instagram Account with Visual UGC
Advanced Aggregation (2:29)
What are the supported file formats/limits of the Direct Uploader
How to configure a Direct Uploader form
How to use Create Tile
How to aggregate content from my Instagram Business Account
Troubleshooting - Connecting Your Instagram Account to Stackla
How to create a Term
Editing Terms/Understanding Term Settings
Terms - Twitter Specific Settings
How to Aggregate Snapchat content
How to configure a Direct Uploader into one step
Connecting your TikTok Account
How to aggregate content from my TikTok Business Account
How to aggregate content from other TikTok accounts
Instagram: Missing Posts

We'll have a number of people moderating our content. How will this work?
How can I stop/remove posts from appearing?
Rights Management (3:39)
Can I display posts so that they only appear for a selected period of time?
How can I stop a content creator's posts from aggregating?
Where do I collect my Rights via Registration data?
How to update an avatar on a Tile
How does a user accept my claim request through Rights via Response?
Can I moderate content using a mobile device?
How is content stored in my Stack?
How to manually assign a location
Requesting Rights for other Networks - Best Practice
How two teams can moderate the same content for different displays
Rights Request Messages - Best Practice
Can I upload several tags at once?
How do I display Rights approved content on a Widget?
How can I apply tags automatically?
How to place a tile in a set position on your Display
How to collect data using Rights via Registration
What is Co-Pilot?
How can I manually apply tags?
How to manage your content
What does Co-Pilot provide Recommendations on?
Batch Request Rights
How to use the Advanced Filter Options
How regularly does Co-Pilot update it's Recommendation algorithm?
Rights via Registration - Other Networks
Can a piece of content have more than one tag?
How to set up Rights via Registration
How can I have Co-Pilot enabled on my Stack?
Which tag type should I use?
How to set up Rights via Response
Getting started with Co-Pilot
How to moderate content
How to create a Tag
How do I create a Filter?
What is Rights Management?
Visual Recognition Plugin (2:04)
Co-Pilot Frequently Asked Questions
Manage Content: What's New?
Can I change Co-Pilot settings?
How do I add T&Cs to my Rights by Registration form
How to collect user's original high-resolution assets via Rights by Registration
Find Similar Tiles
Single Tile Embeds

Widget Selector
UGC Onsite Widgets Loading Times
How to remove 'Powered by Stackla' Logo
How can I integrate Stackla into my own website?
Can I iFrame Stackla into a page in my website?
How to add a Widget into a Facebook tab
Twitter best practise guidelines
Having problems with Flash banners showing over your Stackla overlays?
Instagram best practise guidelines
How do I use Google fonts in my stack?
I'm iFraming Stackla into my website. How will this work on a mobile version?
Do I need to adhere to any guidelines when customising my widgets?
Where can I use widgets within my website?
Can I use my widgets in Facebook?
How can I create a unique widget design?
Vine videos and how they display
How to use a Content Tag as a Call to Action
My Event Screen is not working, who do I contact for support?
Making your Content Actionable
How do I add a header into my event screen?
How do I correctly display an Event Screen?
How to deactivate a widget
Can I customise my Event Screen?
How to create a Map Widget
Can I embed my Event Screen into my website?
How to clone a widget
Can I run Stackla Event screens through my Digital Signage or DMP display tool?
My network runs through a firewall, what IP addresses do I need to whitelist so the Event Screen will work?
How to embed a Widget
What if I have temperamental Internet access whilst displaying my Event Screen?
How to update your Widget Expanded Tile
How do I create a competition leaderboard?
How to update your Widget Inline Tile
How to bulk upload or update my product tags?
Include Stackla Events in BrightSign Network displays
Which Videos Can Play Inline?
How does voting work with regards to my competition?
How to update your Widget Appearance
How do I manually add my products?
How to update your Widget Settings
How to test an Event Screen
How do I create Product Tags?
Competition best practises
How to set up the Brand Networks plugin
Voting Limits
How do I add a ShopSpot?
Embedding a Widget (1:29)
Event Screens: Best Practices
Widget template types
Adding Stackla UGC to Facebook Ads [Facebook Ads Manager]
How to create a Widget
How to create an Event
How to create a Competition
What is Social Commerce?
How to create an UGC Email Campaign
How to use the Facebook Ads plugin
FacebookAds Plugin (2:08)
Email Plugin (2:24)
Understanding Developer Tools
Configuring a Product Feed

How to aggregate Facebook Reviews into Stackla
What if I have very specific integration requests?
How do I go to login?
How do I reset my Stackla password?
I have some specific designs I would like to implement on mobile. Can I?
Access Control - Stackla Admin: Curate - Tags
I have an awesome feature idea! How can I request it?
I'm moderating a high volume of live content. Any tips?
How can I determine which tiles are bigger than others?
How do I create an Official and/or Fan filter?
How do I ensure all posts are moderated before being published?
What browsers are supported?
How can I post-moderate content from the 'front-end'?
Some content is not appearing in the moderation queue. Why not?
How to create a custom moderation view (Saved View)
What is a slug?
What RSS feeds are supported?
A Facebook page I want to access is 'restricted'. What does this mean?
Why was I asked for my password while performing certain actions?
Widgets & Tag Managers (such as Google)
Getting Started Extended
How to create a support ticket
Getting started with Stackla Widgets on Squarespace
Getting started with your Stack
Reporting a possible security vulnerability to Stackla
Can Stackla detect broken images?
How can I update the timezone and measurement on my Stack?
Glossary of Terms
How to get started with Single Sign On
Can I view the sentiment of each tile in my Stack?
Getting started with Stackla Plugins (6:21)
What is Stack-to-Stack copying?
Register for Training & Webinars
Stackla Group Management (SGM)
Setup Stackla as a Google SAML App
Setup Stackla as a SalesForce Connected App
Understanding the Dashboard
Stackla Best Practices: Location Data
How do I change my Stackla password?
Creating a Social Hub