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FAQ: What are Creative Briefs?
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Connected Advocates can view any Creative Briefs they have been invited to at anytime within the Advocate Portal.

Creative Briefs are listed both on the Advocate Portal homepage and under the Creative Brief menu item.

Note: Advocates will only be shown the Creative Briefs they have been invited to.


In addition to being able to View Brief, as defined when the brand first creates the brief, Advocates will also be presented with the various Submission methods they have available to them.


For Creative Briefs which support Direct Submission, Advocates can upload directly within the Portal by selecting an image from their respective device and selecting Yes, Submit.


For on-network Submissions, Advocates will need to add their submission via the Instagram App, including both the listed hashtag and @mention

Any submissions an Advocate makes will be also displayed on the respective Creative Brief page.

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