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UGC Monitoring > Discovery
Getting Started with Terms, Tags, & Filters

Term creation best practises
How to Create / Edit a Term
How to connect your Instagram Account
How to connect your Facebook Account
How to connect your TikTok Account
How to disconnect my social account(s) from Nosto's UGC
Instagram: How to aggregate content from other User feeds on Instagram
Instagram: How to aggregate content from my Instagram Business Account
Facebook: How to aggregate fan posts from my Facebook pages
Facebook: Best Practises
X (Twitter): How to Connect your X Account
X (Twitter): Understanding X Specific Settings
X (Twitter): How to only display tweets with images or videos
X (Twitter): Understanding the difference between X mentions and replies
X (Twitter): How to include Replies and Retweets
TikTok: How to aggregate content from other TikTok accounts
TikTok: How to aggregate content from my TikTok Business Account
Snapchat: How to Aggregate Snapchat content
How is content stored in my Stack?
UGC Best Practices: Location Data
FAQ: How can I automatically publish my posts to save time?
FAQ: How long will it take for new content to arrive?
FAQ: When I create a term, does UGC grab old content?
FAQ: What Networks can I use with Geo-Radius?
FAQ: What to do if the name of your social account or your official hashtag changes?
FAQ: Why do I have to connect my social media accounts to Nosto's UGC?
FAQ: Does UGC ingests hash-tagged Instagram content?
FAQ: Can I create new UGC terms from my Twitter lists?
FAQ: What content can UGC aggregate from Facebook?
FAQ: What Facebook Term types can be aggregated via UGC
FAQ: What is Geo-fencing and what networks are supported?
FAQ: What Networks can Nosto's UGC capture content from?
FAQ: Can I aggregate Facebook Reviews into Nosto's UGC?
FAQ: How do I create an Official and/or Fan UGC filter?
FAQ: How do I ensure all UGC posts are moderated before being published?
FAQ: What RSS feeds are supported by Nosto's UGC?
FAQ: What are the limits of Instagram Hashtag Search / Terms?
YouTube: How to aggregate YouTube videos and shorts