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FAQ: When I create a term, does UGC grab old content?
FAQ: When I create a term, does UGC grab old content?
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When you hit “create” on a new term, UGC gets to work preparing for ingestion. If you navigate to the Terms screen, you’ll notice your new term has a status of Preparing…

Visual UGC will try and backfill some old content to get you started. Generally, content from new terms will begin to arrive within 20-30 minutes.

Below is a guideline of how many pieces of content will backfill for each network:

  • Instagram: Up to 120 pieces of content

  • TikTok: Up to 100 pieces of content

  • YouTube: Up to 25 pieces of content

  • Pinterest: Up to 25 pieces of content

  • Tumblr: Up to 20 pieces of content

  • Facebook: Up to 25 pieces of content

  • Twitter: Up to 25 pieces of content*

    • Twitter only allows backfilling with content posted in the previous 6-9 days.

A note about previews: The preview panel on the “Create Term” screen is just a sample of content designed to give you an idea of the content that will be ingested.

Running a campaign?

To ensure UGC is ingesting content when your campaign launches, we recommend you set up your terms at least a few days before your campaign launch.

This will ensure ingestion has begun and give you time to check your terms are set up and ingesting correctly.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to, and our support team will get back to you.

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