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TikTok: How to aggregate content from my TikTok Business Account
TikTok: How to aggregate content from my TikTok Business Account
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Requirement: To discover TikTok brand content via a Term you will need to connect the TikTok account you want to discover content from first.

Clients who wish to aggregate brand content from a TikTok Account, which they Administer, can do so by creating a TikTok Term on Visual UGC.

Getting Started

To create a TikTok Business Term, navigate to Discover > Terms > Create Term and select the TikTok icon from the list of Networks.

From here, type in your search term (TikTok user name), and select the appropriate tab for your desired results.

You can then select the Term(s) you'd like to preview and finish the term configuration before saving!

Once configured, Visual UGC will start to ingest content from the TikTok Business Account page. Visual UGC will ingest the latest 100 posts.

Known Limitations

  • Unlike other social networks, TikTok does not allow 3rd party tools to download content from the platform for that reason, TikTok content will not be available in the Asset Manager regardless of their rights management status.

  • The TikTok terms are triggered every 6 -10 minutes, so a post can take up to 10 minutes to be ingested into Visual UGC.

  • Posts created via TikTok's Photo Mode are not supported via their API, so, not supported in Visual UGC.

  • TikTok videos are not supported by the Ads Plugins.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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