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FAQ: What is Geo-fencing and what networks are supported?
FAQ: What is Geo-fencing and what networks are supported?
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What is geo-fencing?

Geo-fencing is a technology in which you can create a virtual boundary around a real-world geographical location. A set of GPS coordinates is specified to create a virtual boundary to define a region of interest for aggregation.


When should it be used?

When creating a Term, a Geo-fence can be applied to aggregate content that has been tagged within a desired boundary, thus creating a localized stream of content.

Which Social networks support location data?

The social networks supported are Facebook and Twitter.

For a user's content to be aggregated under the Geo-fencing option:

  • Must have their location settings enabled

  • Ensure a location is selected when posting.

More information about how to do this can be found here on Facebook and Twitter.

Are all browsers supported?

Geo-fencing is currently supported by Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer from version 9 onwards.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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