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How to configure a Direct Uploader form
How to configure a Direct Uploader form
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Direct Uploader is a embeddable form that allows your customers to upload content directly, independent of having a social account. This feature helps eliminate many barriers to entry for campaigns and competitions as well providing the opportunity for brands to collect important submission data and higher resolution assets.

Get Started

To start Navigate to Discover > Direct Uploader and select Create New Direct Uploader.

From here you will be presented with the three sections relating to your Direct Uploader Form.

Section One, Settings, allows you to define the required parameters for your Form.


These include:

  • Name of the Direct Uploader

  • The respective Term relating to the Direct Uploader (can be either an existing Term or New)

  • What Tag(s) should be applied to all content aggregated via the Direct Uploader

  • Whether to associate this Direct Uploader with a Widget (can be either an existing Widget or New)

Once populated and saved, this will generate the respective Embed code which can be copied and added to your Website (Note: If you add a Widget to the Direct Uploader, the Widget Embed code will be included in the total Embed Code)


Section Two, Upload Form, allows you to configure what Fields you would like to get your Content Creators to populate, as well as what Media Type(s) will be supported.


Details around each of the respective fields and enabling custom fields are available here.

Section Three, Configuration, allows you to Customise the Template, CSS and Javascript relating to your Direct Uploader Form and Navigation (Note: Navigation is only enabled if you add a Widget and Topics)


For any further questions or queries please submit a request and our support team will get back to you.

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