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How to use the different Assets Workflows
How to use the different Assets Workflows
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UGC Asset Manager includes basic Asset Workflow Management, allowing for customers to define whether an Asset is available for use or whether there are other conditions which may prevent the Asset from being used.

The four Asset Workflow stages are:

  • Approved (Available for unrestricted use)

  • Restricted (Available for restricted use)

  • Pending (Awaiting Approval)

  • Expired (No longer available for use)

By default, all Assets added to Asset Manager are set to the Workflow Status of Approved.

How do I set a Workflow Status

The Workflow Status for an Asset can be set through the following ways:

  • Asset Details

  • Asset Overflow Menu

  • Batch Action

The Asset Details section is located at the base of each Asset and available on both the In-Line and Expanded Tile view.


By clicking on the Asset Details section will provide drop downs which can be updated for the Workflow Status.

For the Overflow Menu and Batch Action Menu, you will be presented with a modal which will allow you to set the Status.


Expired Status Notes: Assets with an Expiry Date set will automatically change to the workflow status of Expired when the set date passes. The Rights Status for the Tile will also change to Rights Expired once the Workflow Status changes to Expired.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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