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How to Add Tags and Notes to Advocates
How to Add Tags and Notes to Advocates
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Adding Notes and Tags to an Advocate allows Brands to segment their Advocates based on Attributes, Behaviours, or any other details that may make it easier to manage a growing Community within Nosto.

Adding Tags or Notes to an Advocate can be done on an Individual or Batch level with the information added only presented in the Organic Advocate section of Nosto.

To add a Tag or Note to an Advocate on a per Advocate level, select either the Action Menu (...) next to their profile on the Community Listing page and select Add Notes or Add Tags

To add Notes or Tags multiple Advocates at a time, click the checkbox next to the Advocates you wish to update. This will load the Batch Action menu where you can batch select to either Add Notes or Add Tags.

Note: Batch-adding Notes or Tags will add the same Note or Tag(s) to all selected Advocates.

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