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How to Collections in the UGC Asset Manager
How to Collections in the UGC Asset Manager
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The UGC Asset Manager displays any assets from within Nosto that have been received via the GoConnect, Rights by Registration, Rights by Response, Create Tile or the through the Asset Manager File Upload function. Learn more about the UGC Asset Manager here.

Just as assets can be refined for discovery, and downloaded and shared, they can also be grouped into Collections.

Collections allows you to create sub-groupings of your assets, whether it’s for easy management of different campaigns, or to assign specific permissions or access to your Nosto users.


Creating a Collection

  1. From the Assets section of your stack, click on the Collections tab and then click Create New Collection

  2. Name your collection, and choose the permissions for it.


Notes on Permissions

If there is a need to restrict or limit access to the Asset Manager or certain asset collections within the Asset Manager, using the Group permissions option provides greater flexibility to do so. Customizing user group permissions can be done within UGC's Access Control Groups page by clicking on Users > Groups in the left-hand side navigation panel of the platform prior to assigning custom groups to your Collections.

Using Collections

Once your collection has been created, you can begin adding content to it. Assets can be added individually from their dropdown menu, or in bulk with the batch action menu by selecting more than one asset via the checkbox next to each asset.


Use the Refine By options across the top to filter down your assets for easy bulk adding, and management. Assets can refined by source, origin, media type, tags concepts, and date.


Just like adding assets, you can remove assets from your collection individually from their dropdown menu, or in bulk with the batch action menu.


Edit Collection Details

If you need to make changes to your Collection's settings, such as changing the name or permissions, you can easily do so, by clicking Edit Details from the dropdown menu.


Removing a Collection

To remove a collection from your Assets, simply use the Collections dropdown menu.


For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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