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How to Manage your UGC Assets
How to Manage your UGC Assets
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The UGC Assets displays any assets from within Nosto that have been received via the Direct Uploader, Rights by Registration, Rights by Response, Create Tile, or through the Assets File Upload function.

Assets can be refined for discovery, and downloaded and shared, they can also be grouped into Collections.

Finding Assets

Click on Assets in your Navigation Menu

There are a range of options to assist you with viewing your content. By default, All Content is displayed within the table in chronological order. However, by using the Keyword Search functionality or the Refine By options, you can help narrow down the Assets displayed.

The Refinement options available include:

  • From

  • Origin (Network)

  • Media (Media Type)

  • Tag

  • Concept (VizRec Concept)

  • Date (Date Created)

  • Workflow (Workflow Status)

  • Rights (Rights Status)

  • Orientation (Asset Orientation)

  • Dimensions (Asset Pixel Size)

  • Camera Make (EXIF Camera Make)

  • Camera Model (EXIF Camera Model)

From this view, you can also upload your files and select tiles to download or remove from the Assets.


Within the Expanded view (click on a tile for this view) you can access the tile data such as Media Type, Dimensions, File Size, and Source. Other components include Title (editable), Note (editable), Tags (editable), the ability to share the asset to a Social Network, and a download function.


Editing your Assets

Additionally, you can edit your assets using our built-in photo editor! Apply filters, crop, adjust brightness & contrast, etc.


Downloading Assets

Assets within the UGC Asset Manager can be downloaded Individually or in Batches.

  • To download individually, select the Download icon on the respective asset.

  • To download as a batch, select the checkbox for each Asset you want and select Batch Download from the Batch menu.

Batch Download Note: When a download is initiated, files are compiled into a single download (.zip) and a download link is sent to your account email when ready.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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