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What data can I capture with Direct Uploader?
What data can I capture with Direct Uploader?
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Stackla's Direct Uploader allows you to collecting content and assets from your audience via an embeddable form which can be added to any website.

The fields available within the form are completely customisable and can be changed to suit your brands requirements.

To configure a GoConnect visit Discover > Direct Uploader and click the Create New Direct Uploader button.

Configuration of fields is done under section two - Upload Form.


Descriptions of each of the respective fields is available below:

  • Show Progress Bar
    Direct Uploaders splits these fields over a number of screens. This field allows you to choose if you want to show end users how much progress they have made.

  • Show Powered by Stackla
    Show or hide the 'Powered by Stackla' logo in the bottom right hand corner of the Direct Uploader form.

  • First Name
    Collect the Content Creator's First Name.

  • Last Name
    Collect the Content Creator's Last Name.

  • Email
    Collect the Content Creator's Email Address.

  • Media Type
    Define whether Content Creators are allowed to submit Image, Video and/or Audio Assets and/or whether they are allowed to submit content from their Instagram or Facebook accounts. Further information relating to Media Types are available here.

  • Caption
    Collected a message or description relating to the submitted content. This section can support up to 32,000 characters.

  • Topics
    Allowing content creators to self-categorize the content they submit from a list of predefined topics (which are linked to Tags within your Stack)

    Prevent robots or other malicious agents from submitting spam or inappropriate content by enabling Google's reCAPTCHA feature.

  • Terms & Conditions
    Checking the box indicates acceptance of the terms and conditions that you link to in the URL field.

You can also add two additional custom fields, a text field box and an additional checkbox.


Each field (except reCAPTCHA) can be configured as optional or required.

In addition to the out of the box options provided, you can also add custom fields to your Direct Uploader. The process is more technical, as it requires HTML, CSS, and possible Javascript knowledge. You can learn more here.

For any further questions or queries, please submit a request and our support team will get back to you.

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