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For feeds which don't provide an image, Stackla offers a scraping mechanism that allows for images to be pulled from the parent page.

Note: This service only works on pages where there is a clearly tagged image for the service to look for on the parent page.

  1. To activate this service, within your RSS Term setup, select the option 'Grab Image from Content'.

  2. From here, you should be presented with two new fields titled 'Selector' and 'Attribute'.

  3. Selector relates to the jQuery / CSS tag that the service needs to look for, whilst attribute defines where the image address.

The below examples outline how this process works:

Page Image:

Code: <img src="http://www.stackla.com/testimage.jpg" class="article-img-insert-ct">

Selector: img.article-img-insert-ct

Attribute: src

Facebook Image (Open Graph):

Code: <meta property="og:image" content="http://www.stackla.com/testimage.jpg />

Selector: meta[property=og:image]

Attribute: content

For further information please either send an email to support@stackla.com or log a support ticket.

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