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A Socket Hangup means that the server hosting the RSS feed is closing the connection when Stackla tries to access it.

Stackla has implemented a system to only disable problematic terms when the socket hangup issue occurs 12 times within a 14 hour time window. After the 14 hour window, the failure counter will be reset. The reason for this is that some RSS terms have a very long polling frequency (e.g. once every 1 hour). After 12 re-tries this strongly suggests that the term is broken.

It is recommended you ensure that your servers and/or security software isn't blocking the connection attempts from Stackla. If they are blocking Stackla, then they will need to whitelist or allow the user-agent 'Stackla'. Once this has been done, the servers should stop closing the connection from Stackla's attempts.

Additionally, the disabled terms will need to be reactivated so that new content can aggregate in your system. To re-activate these Terms please go to Discover > Terms and click on Edit to open the RSS feed that had connection issues. Once open, go to the Active tab and select, Activate Term. Click Save to complete the process.

For further information please either send an email to support@stackla.com or log a support ticket.

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