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FAQ: What is the Bad Word filter?
FAQ: What is the Bad Word filter?
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Nosto has created an extensive database to help flag potential abusive content from coming through to your UGC Account.

If any abusive language is detected it will send the posts straight to the Disabled list so that it is not published on to your page. You can manually review and publish or delete this content later via Curate > Content.

There are two ways to activate the Bad Word filter:

  1. Activating this when initially creating a Term. To do this click on Discover > Create Term and select General tab and tick the box that says, Activate Bad Word Filter.

  2. Apply to existing terms terms via Aggregate > Manage Terms: and select the edit button on the term you wish to amend. From here click on General and tick the box that says, Activate Bad Word Filter.

  • If you would like to update your Bad Word List simply click on the hyperlink called, here and click on Create Bad Word to add your own words.

Note, updating the bad word list can take up to 30 minutes to come into affect and is only applied to newly ingested content.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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