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Rights via Registration: How do I add T&Cs to my Rights via Registration form
Rights via Registration: How do I add T&Cs to my Rights via Registration form
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Using, the Rights via Registration feature, you can collect user's details and contact information for further engagement and marketing purposes.

If you have not installed the plugin(s) already, you can do so via the Plugins section of your stack. Locate your chosen feature, Rights by Response or Rights by Registration.


  1. Go to Settings > Rights by Registration

  2. Once the page loads, scroll down to step 3, CUSTOMIZE YOUR PAGES.

  3. From the User Info tab, click “Yes I want user info” If you haven’t enabled this yet, then click the Edit button.

  4. Below the code editors, you can select how you would like to include your Terms & Conditions in your Rights Management form.


Option 1 - “Link to existing T&Cs”

If you already have your T&Cs hosted elsewhere online, you can easily link to these with this option. This option will display your Terms & Conditions as a clickable link for your users (see image below).

  1. Simply paste your T&Cs externally hosted URL into the box provided.


Option 2 - “Create new T&Cs page”

If you need a place to host your T&Cs, you can choose to add the T&Cs copy directly to your Rights Management form. This will create a new page within the form where the Terms & Conditions can be added.

  1. From the Terms & Conditions tab across the top of the editor, click the Edit button.

  2. Within the HTML code editor, locate the copy “This is where you can insert your Terms and Conditions. To edit this field, click the 'Edit' button above.” and replace that copy with your T&Cs.

  1. Save your changes. You can use the “Preview” view, to see an example of your page.


Sample T&C's:


For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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