How to Create a Filter
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A Filter is used to combine content to display within Widgets or Digital Screens. Follow the instructions below to get started:

Curate Content Filters

Instructions: go to Curate > Content

Stackla allows you to create a Filter from the Curate Content screen. There are four tabs titled “All Content”, “Co-Pilot”, “Saved Views” and “Filters” at the top of your screen. From within any of these tabs, you can refine the content on this screen using the “Filter By” and “View” underneath.

From here, you can choose options from the drop-downs to control what content you see in this view.

  • Network: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc

  • Media: Image, Video, Audio, Text

  • Terms

  • Tags

  • Order by: latest, oldest

  • Date: select a date range of content

  • Languages

  • Location: choose whether the content has location data, a specific location, or no location

  • Rights: Refine by content that has rights approved, rights requested, rights expired, etc

  • Sentiment:

  • Shopspots

  • Concept

Once these options are configured you can save this view as a Stackla Filter or a Saved View.

It’s worth noting that your Filter will only ever display published content on a Stackla Display, and will be available to all users in your Stack who have access to Filters.


Once saved in this view your Filter will appear in the Filters tab as a drop-down. Your Filter will also appear in Filters (see below).

Manage Filters

Instructions: go to Curate > Filters > Create New Filter (alternatively click Edit on an existing Filter).


The popup will allow you to set up the following areas:

  1. Filter Name - create a name for your filter

  2. Sort Content by - select from Latest (orders content chronologically from newest to oldest), Greatest (based on term status, user interactions, and post time), and Votes (competition-based, prioritizes according to votes).

  3. Filter Options (similar to Curate>Content)

Once your filter is displaying the content you're after, click Save to confirm!

Note, by default your account will have a Filter called, Latest. This has been created so that you can display all published content using one Filter. The Latest Filter will also be the default Filter chosen for new displays, so be sure to change this as needed.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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