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How to create a Tag
How to create a Tag
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A tag is a label which can be applied to any piece of content within your stack. Tags help to group content based on relevance, and can be managed via the Curate > Tags section of the Admin Portal.

You can use tags to filter content into categories or assign special rules to particular content; rather than managing each piece of content individually.

There are three ways to create Tags. These options are:

  • Create Tags within the Tags section of Stackla

  • Create Tags within the Content section of Stackla

  • Create Tags within the Term section of Stackla

To create Tags whilst building out your Terms please read the following instructions

Information around the other two options are available below.


The Tags section of Stackla allows you to Create, Edit and Delete existing Tags on your Stack.

To create a New Tag, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on Curate > Tags

  2. Select the Create New Tag button

  3. Select the Type (Content, Competition or Product). Note, Content and Competition will provide you with the same options whereas, Product will include extra fields (Price, External Product ID and Description and an Image tab).

    Additional information on Tags: Which tag type should I use?

  4. Enter in the Tag name and add a URL if you would like to direct the icon to a specific destination.

  5. The Advanced tab will enable you to customize the Slug, select appropriate visibility rights, and change tag priority.

  6. Click on Create to save your tag.

This area will also allow you to Export Tags into a CSV format. If you would like to add several tags at once then this is the best option. After updating the CSV file click on Import Tags > Import CSV file > Choose File > Submit to add your new tags.


Under the Curate section of Stackla, it is possible to create a Tag on the fly when applying this Tag to a Tile(s).

The Tags created in this process will always be Content Tags by default (you can adjust under Manage Tags).

To create a New Tag, simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on Curate > Content

  2. Select a Tile on your Curate Content screen and select Edit Tags or Add Tags


This will load up the Expanded Tile view. From here you can simply type in the name of the new Tag and press the Create button.


This will automatically apply this Tag to the Tile you were editing.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to or submit a request and our support team will get back to you.

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