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How to set up Rights via Response
How to set up Rights via Response
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This is the simplest process to request rights from your users. Using Stackla a rights-request is sent to the content creator, via the corresponding social network, and they can easily approve the request by responding with the designated hashtag.

To get started, go to Plugins and locate your chosen feature. Simply click on Install plugin. Once loaded this will be added your Stack.


The following Networks are currently supported by Rights via Response:

  • Twitter

  • Instagram


Navigate to Settings > Rights via Response. The initial setup is a 3-step process.

1. First, connect Instagram and/or Twitter accounts. These will be the accounts that messages are sent from and your audience will interact with, so official brand accounts are appropriate. Note, you can add multiple official accounts.

2. Choose a hashtag response for the content creator to use to indicate approval. It should be specific and unique.

3. Under Custom Message, create the messages you wish to send to clients to gain approval of their content (create as many unique message as needed using mustache templating).

  • NOTE: while the approval hashtag alone will work to flag your Rights Requested content as Approved, we strongly suggest asking your users to reply to your rights request with both the approval hashtag, and the @mention of your official handle. Doing this will help to prevent any content from being flagged as Approved when your users proactively use your approval hashtag on a post.

  • NOTE: Stackla moderators can edit each message on the fly before sending the request. The values for #{{username}}, #{{approvehashtag}} and #{{{t&c}}} will automatically be populated at the time the message is sent.

4. Once complete, the settings can be changed at any point including which accounts are connected.

5. Repeat this process to add as many social accounts as needed to manage your various campaigns, and prevent being temporarily banned by the social network.


1. Navigate to Curate > Content.

2. When you have found content that you'd like to acquire the rights to, select Rights via Response from the More Actions menu (drop down arrow on right-hand side).


3. You will then be prompted to define your Rights Request message and validate that you are comfortable with what will be sent to the User.

From here, if the piece of Content which you are requesting Rights to is one of the following:

  • Any Aggregated Tweet from Twitter

  • Instagram Post which either mentions your Business in the Caption or a Comment

You will be able to hit Send on the message.

If you are requesting Rights to an Instagram Message where your Business has not been mentioned, you will need to copy the message and manually post it. This is due to the recent changes made by Instagram to their API, which are outlined here.

In this case, rather than a Send button, you will be presented with the following:

Simply click on Copy Message to copy your Message template, including the approval Hashtag, and then select Go to Instagram Post to now paste your message.

4. Once the Content Creator has replied to your message using the approval Hashtag, Stackla will automatically update the Tile in Stackla with the following label.



Stackla offers the ability for customers to Batch Request Rights via Response for any of the following pieces of Content:

  • Any Aggregated Tweet from Twitter

  • Instagram Post which either mentions your Business in the Caption or a Comment

To find out how to Batch Request Rights within Curate Content, click here

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to or submit a request and our support team will get back to you.

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