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How to use the Advanced Filter Options
How to use the Advanced Filter Options
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Nosto's UGC Advanced Filter functionality allows you to create a specific set of rules to assist with complex display requirements.

This process can be achieved when creating or editing a Filter, using the options, AND / OR / NOT.

To access this functionality, follow these steps:

  • Go to Curate > Filters

  • Find a Filter to Edit or Create a New Filter

  • Go to the Advanced button located under the Tags drop-down

This will load up the Modal allowing you to specify your Tag Rules.

The below diagram explains how the Advanced Filter compiles the set of rules.

Condition: A stand-alone rule which is created within the advanced tab. A condition can sit independently or within a group.

Group: A group is a series of conditions created that can have their own rules set along with the overall rule.

Overall Rule: In the left-hand drop-down menu, the independent conditions have to meet this rule for content to be displayed. The groups have to have at least one condition that matches for content to be displayed.

The overall rule has two options which you can choose:

  • Match All = All of the groups must have at least one condition met. If only conditions are created, those conditions must be met.

  • Match Any = As long as one of the conditions, either within a group or within a singular condition has been met, the content will be displayed.

Operator: The ability to determine whether to include or exclude. The '=' means include and the '!=' means do not include.


Tags = ‘Facebook Video’ | ‘Sunsets’

In this example, you are interested in displaying content with the Tags 'Facebook Videos' and Tag, 'Sunset'

To achieve this, you would need to set up the following rules:

  1. Change the Overall Rules to MATCH ALL

  2. Add Condition - Tag = ‘Facebook Video’

  3. Add Condition - Tag = ‘Sunset'

This will now only show content with the Tags 'Facebook Video' AND 'Sunset'

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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