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Rights via Registration: How to collect data using Rights via Registration
Rights via Registration: How to collect data using Rights via Registration
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Using, the Rights via Registration feature, you can now collect user's details and contact information for further engagement and marketing purposes.


  1. Go to Settings > Rights via Registration

  2. Once the page loads, scroll down to step 3, CUSTOMIZE YOUR PAGES.

  3. From the User Info tab, click “Yes I want user info” If you haven’t enabled this yet, then click the Edit button.


Use the form that appears to configure the fields you wish to include to collect user data.

The following information can be captured out of the box:

  • User's Social Network Handle and Username (This is automatically captured)

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Zip / Postcode

  • Custom Text Field 1 (This is a text field. It can be renamed for example to "Comments" or "Feedback" )

  • Custom Check-Box (This is a check box that can be used to indicate opt-in. The label can be changed to indicate what users are opting in to for example "Opt into marketing communications" or "Send me special offers").

  • Enable File Uploader (Enabling this option, will provide your users with a direct upload form as part of the data collection form of the Rights Management workflow. This upload form has a maximum file size of 100 MB, and can accept images, videos, and audio files). For example, you may choose to enable this option if you'd like the user to upload the original high-resolution media.

Simply tick the boxes to include this information on your form.


To make changes to the form's copy, or the form's layout & styling, click the Switch to Code Editor button located in the top right.

Using these code editors you can further customize your Rights Management form in the following ways:

  • You can add additional HTML.

  • Change the field's placeholders.

  • Add more fields to your form (click here for the Developer guide).

  • Customize the styling of your form (click here for the Developer guide).


For example, to change the label, "Custom text field 2" to "Tell us more...", search for the area that says, "Custom text field 2" and in the "placeholder" section enter "Tell us more...". Click Save at the very bottom of the screen to activate the change.

This is now what will be displayed on the form preview.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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