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How to moderate the same content for different displays across different teams
How to moderate the same content for different displays across different teams
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In some cases, you may be in a situation where two teams need to moderate the same content for two different displays/use cases. The issue here is that one team may choose to Publish a post to their display, whereas the other team does not want to include it in theirs.

For example, your events team is displaying all of the newest content on a handful of monitors around their venue, and your web team is highlighting only the best content on the event's website. What happens when the events team publishes almost all of the new content as it's aggregated? Unfortunately, it displays on both the venue monitors and the event's website.

Given the example above, the setup described below, as well as a slight shift in your moderation workflow, both teams can moderate this content simultaneously.


Create a new Tag for each of the teams. One team can call their tag “Events Published”, and the second “Web Published”.

Note: You are not creating these tags when you set up a new Term. Do not automatically apply these new tags to content. Go into Curate > Manage Tags > Create Tag.

Ensure that your current setup uses separate filters for the two teams/displays. Assign the newly-created tags to their respective filters.


Update your terms to auto-publish all content. Note: Don't worry, this will not publish the content to your displays.


Moderation Workflow

Provided that these new “-published” Tags are now the only connection to your filters, your content will not be live on any displays until it is tagged with one of the new "-published" tags.

Moving forward your teams will no longer utilize the status buttons (publish, queue, disable) to moderate. Remember, the status of all content is now automatically set to "Published" by default.

To include a post within a display, your teams will now need to add their respective "-published" Tag to the post.

For example, if your events team finds a post they wish to include on the venue monitors, they will simply apply the "event-published" tag to the post.


For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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