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FAQ: Can I moderate content using a Mobile Device?
FAQ: Can I moderate content using a Mobile Device?
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You can moderate (Curate > Content) UGC content via a mobile device. To this simply open an internet browser on your mobile and in the URL type in and enter your login details.

Below are some suggestions on the best way to moderate content from your mobile phone:

  • Grid View layout: When moderating content, there are two ways to view the content; Table view and Grid view. We recommend using the Grid view on Mobile, as this shows a simplified tile version and makes it easier to scroll through content.


  • Saved Views or Filters: create Saved Views or use your Filters to quickly and easily locate your content. By default, your view will be marked as private so that you are the only user who can view it, you can also mark these as "public" so that all users in your Stack have access to these.

  • Bookmark your Saved View: Each Saved View will contain a unique URL. Click on the Saved View to capture the URL. Once loaded, bookmark the page to make it easier to locate on your mobile.

  • Batch Actions: This feature allows you to moderate up to 100 pieces of content in one go.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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