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Google Analytics helps you analyze visitor traffic and paint a complete picture of your audience and their engagement with user-generated content.

Stackla assists with the analysis of user-generated content by providing a suite of reports that leverage your instance of Google Analytics.

Authentication Set up

Navigating to the Google Analytics plugin within Stackla you will be provided an option to authenticate your Google account. Select the button “Sign in with Google”.


Once the “Sign in with Google” button is selected, you will be redirected to a Google authentication screen, select “Allow”.

Selecting “Allow” will enable Stackla to view your Google Analytics data


Once the authentication process is complete, users will need to configure the plugin by selecting the following:

  • Account - your access point to Google Analytics.

  • Property (Tracking ID) - the website, mobile application, or device you wish to track,

  • View - a defined view of data from a property


Great work! Once you have connected the appropriate Analytics accounts, you will now have access to a suite of dashboards and reports within Stackla that make analyzing UGC that little bit easier.

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