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Customise your Community Portal
Customise your Community Portal
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The Advocate Community Portal is the public facing part of the Stackla Organic Advocate offering and is where your Advocates will connect and engage with your brand for various Creative Briefs.

Stackla offers the ability for brands to customise the colours and fonts of their Community Portal to better suit their brand requirements.

To customise your Portal, navigate to Settings > Community Settings and go to Section 2, titled Customise your Community Portal


Within this section there is a Less CSS editor and a Preview section to see the changes you have implemented. The code available within the Editor is split into the respective sections they impact.

These sections are:

  • Universal Elements : All components that are visible on multiple pages within the Portal

  • Community Card : Login / Registration Page

  • Register / Profile Editor : Registration / Profile Forms

  • Home Page : First page all users see after logging into the Portal

  • Brief Listing / Brief Pages : Creative Brief listing and details pages

Users can flip between the two sections to see the changes they have made. Once Save has been hit, these changes will be made available to Advocates immediately.

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