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Inviting an Advocate to a Creative Brief from the Community Listing page can be done on an individual or batch level, however it includes a slightly different process dependent on whether the Advocate has Connected to your Community or not.

For Identified Advocates who have not yet Connected to your Community, simply select the Connect + Brief button located under their profile.


This will load a modal outlining the next steps which need to be taken to invite the Advocate to both your Community and to the respective Brief(s). These steps will need to be performed on Platform by the brand as there is no way for Stackla to communicate with these individuals outside of Instagram.


Once the link / messages have been shared, you can select which Creative Brief(s) the Advocate(s) will be able to take part in.


For Connected Advocates you can simply press on the Send Brief button located under their profile.


From here you can select which Creative Brief(s) you would like to invite these Advocate(s) to.


Now as these Advocates are Connected, Stackla will be able to email the invites directly to the Advocates automatically to inform them of the Creative Brief.

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