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Stackla provides the ability for brands to import their own lists of Advocates into the Platform from a CSV file to quickly build out their community.

To import a list of Advocates, brands must first create a CSV file with the following columns:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Tags

The CSV must include a header row with these titles.

To add Tags to your advocates, the Advocate Tag must already be set up in Stackla. To add multiple Tags simply separate your Tags with a comma and no spaces. For example:

First Name

Last Name






Once created, the brand will be able to import the list by navigating to Advocates > Community and click on the Import link next to the Community header.


From here, the brand simply needs to drag and drop the CSV file or browse to select the file.


Once imported, the Advocates will be presented on the Community List with the status of 'Invited'.

Please note that importing will not updating existing Advocates. If an advocate record has same email, the record will be skipped even if the other fields are different.

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