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Find Tiles from a Creative Brief
Find Tiles from a Creative Brief
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All Submissions made to Creative Briefs are automatically added as Tiles to your Stack and thus can be used on Stackla outputs such as Widgets, Email, Event / DOOH Screens and Ads.

When added as Tiles, Creative Brief submissions will be tagged with the respective Creative Brief Tag(s) which they relate to.

To find Tiles for a respective Creative Brief, navigate to Curate > Content in the navigation menu.


Once loaded, you can now refine by Tag and select the appropriate Creative Brief Tag(s). You will then be presented all the Tiles which have been added to the respective Brief, regardless of their Submission Status.


Note: Submission Status and Tile Status are independent. As such as an 'Approved' Submission will not suddenly be 'Published' nor will a 'Published' Tile see the Submission marked as 'Approved'.

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