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Bynder: How to Configure the Bynder Asset Manager Integration for UGC
Bynder: How to Configure the Bynder Asset Manager Integration for UGC
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The Nosto Bynder Asset Manager Integration for UGC allows brands to send Assets from a Nosto account to any Bynder instance in both a manual and real-time manner.

Included below are the steps required to set up the Integration.

1. Install the Bynder Asset Manager Plugin
The Bynder Asset Manager plugin is located under the DAM section within the Nosto UGC Integrations directory. To find, simply navigate to Integrations > View All Integrations on the Nosto navigation and either refine by CMS or search for the Bynder listing.

Once found, you can click to Configure



It is recommended you copy the Redirect URI as we will use this when setting up on the Bynder side.

2. Setup OAuth App in Bynder
In a separate tab, log into your Bynder instance and navigate to the OAuth App section by selecting Settings > Advance Settings > Portal Settings from the top right navigation menu.


From here you will be able to select OAuth Apps from the new left-hand menu and then select Add New. You will now be presented with the Register new OAuth application screen similar to the screenshot below.


You will need to fill in the following details:

  • Application Name (It is recommended you mention Nosto somewhere in here)

  • Authorization redirect URIs (This is the Redirect URI in the Nosto Bynder plugin that we copied earlier)

You will also need to grant the following permissions:







Once you save the Plugin you will now be presented with your Application:

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

You can copy these and paste them into the Nosto Bynder integration.

3. Save and Connect
Jumping back to the Nosto Bynder integration you should now have filled out the following sections:

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

  • Domain (This is the subdomain for your Bynder instance -

Assuming these are all filled out you can now select Save and Connect.

Nosto will now redirect you to Bynder where you will need to log in using your Bynder credentials and permit select scopes to Nosto by hitting Yes on the second screen.


4. Configure Usage
Once you have successfully connected your Bynder account, you will now have the ability to configure how you wish for the Plugin to work day to day.


The options you will have available to you are:

  • Bynder Category: Select what Category you would like all Assets to be tagged with

  • Audit: Select whether or not assets should go to the Bynder Waiting Room first

  • Automation: If you wish to auto-send Rights Approved Assets, please enable this feature

  • Content Moderation: If you wish to have the ability to manually send Assets (regardless of whether or not they are rights approved), enable this feature to be presented the option in the overflow menu in both Moderation and Asset Manager.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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