The Stackla Chrome Extension creates a link between your Chrome browser and Stackla, providing a quick and easy method of performing many Stackla actions from anywhere! If you haven't yet downloaded or configured the extension, you can do so here.

Using the Stackla Chrome Extension, you can now easily requests rights from discovered posts directly from Instagram and YouTube! Instagram supports both Rights via Response and via Registration. YouTube supports Rights via Registration only.

Requesting Rights

From the social network website, you will now see a Stackla button that has been added to the post toolbar.


Stackla button circled in yellow

Clicking the Stackla button will display a popup containing all of your available actions. If you have access to multiple Stacks, remember to use the selector at the top of the popup window to choose the Stack you wish to request rights from.


Towards the bottom of the popup, you'll find your Rights Management options.

Once you've selected either Rights by Response or Rights by Registration, you can select the message template you'd prefer to use:


Message template button circled in red

Once the Rights request has been sent, you will see a confirmation popup. If needed, you can click through to manage your tile from here as well!


If the post already existed within your stack, the post will simply be flagged as Rights Requested, per usual! If the post did not already exist within your stack, then the post will be created, and then flagged as Rights Requested.


For any further questions or queries, please send an email to or submit a request and our support team will get back to you.

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