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SalesForce Commerce Cloud : Installation & Configuration
SalesForce Commerce Cloud : Installation & Configuration
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The following guide outlines the steps for installing and configuring the Nosto SalesForce Commerce Cloud Cartridge for UGC.

Download Cartridge:
Please download the latest version of the Nosto SalesForce Commerce Cartridge from Nosto Github here before progressing.

Install the Cartridge:
To install the cartridge:

  1. Compile the Javascript (run the command npm run compile: js) and upload the cartridge.

  2. Add the cartridge to the beginning of the site’s cartridge path (int_stackla:app_storefront_base)

  3. Import the metadata.

  4. Configure the site preferences.

  5. Configure the job settings.

Import the Metadata:
In Business Manager, navigate to Administration > Site Development > Site Import & Export. Upload and import

Configure Site Preferences:
Within the Cartridge you can define the following preferences:




Stackla Tracking Enabled


Enable the Nosto Tracking Pixel on your Site.

Stackla Tracking Pixel URL


Define the Nosto Tracking Pixel URL.

Stackla Widget ID


Define the Widget ID for your PDP Widgets

Stackla Widget Available Products Only


Hide product information for unavailable products

Stackla Widget Filter


Define a specific Nosto Filter to Display

Stackla Widget Tag Group


Show Products for a specific locale only.

Stackla Widget Tags Grouped As


Apply 'AND'/'OR' grouping to Tags

Stackla PDP Widget Enabled


Enable the Nosto Widget on PDPs

Configure Job Settings (Optional):
The Stackla-ProductFeed job builds and exports a product feed from the site catalog. By default, the job is scheduled to run every 24 hours. Configure the parameters of the custom.stackla.ExportProductFeed job step.

Specific product IDs (separated by commas) may be entered for the “Products” parameter. If no product IDs are specified, all products assigned to the current site will be exported to the product feed.

The default value for the “TargetFolder” parameter is “default/feeds” and the default value for the "Filename" parameter is “stackla_product_feed”.

The scope of the custom.stackla.ExportProductFeed job step must be set to “Specific Sites”. Assign to the appropriate site(s).

Enable Tracking Pixel 'Add to Wishlist' Event (Optional):
To enable the tracking pixel “add_to_wishlist” event for use with the “plugin_wishlists” cartridge, uncomment the lines containing “processInclude(require('./product/wishlist'))” in the productDetail.js, productTile.js, and search.js files located in the “cartridge/client/default/js” directory.

In the main.js file located in the same directory, change the path for miniCart to “./components/miniCart”.

In the “paths” property of the package.json file located in the top level of the cartridge, add a “wishlists” property with a path to your “plugin_wishlists” cartridge.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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