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Contentful : How to Setup and Configure the Contentful Integration for UGC
Contentful : How to Setup and Configure the Contentful Integration for UGC
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To successfully connect your Nosto UGC and Contentful accounts, make sure that your Contentful integration is available under the UGC Integrations directory. If not please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our Support team.

Once that's done please proceed with the steps below.

Installing the UGC Contentful App

  1. Go to UGC Integration and locate Contentful. Click Configure.

  2. You will be presented with a configuration screen similar to below.

  3. The only step to complete at this stage is to copy the Redirect URI that is visible at the top of the config screen which we will use in our next step when creating a Contentful App.

  4. Log in to Contentful and create an App. To create an App, click on your Username (Top left-hand corner) and select the option, User Profile (

    From this screen, you will be presented with a series of options at the top.

  5. Select the option called, OAuth applications. From here you can now set up your very own Application in Contentful. Simply click on the button New Application to start the process.

  6. This will load up a blank form similar to the one below:

  7. Complete the form. Note, Name, and Description can be any value. However, it is encouraged you use something that can be identified with Nosto's UGC. The Redirect URI should be the value collected previously in Step 3 from the Nosto UGC Admin Portal.

  8. Select both options, the Content Management Read and Content Management Manage checkboxes, and unselect the Confidential checkbox before hitting the Create Application button. Upon hitting Create Application, the Application screen will update and show a ClientID similar to below. Copy this ClientID, as it will need to be added to your UGC Contentful Integration on the Nosto side.

Configuring the UGC Contentful Integration

  1. By now we have successfully created an Application within Contentful, meaning we are now in a position to configure our UGC Contentful Integration to connect the two applications. The first step is to take the ClientID we copied in the previous step and paste it into the Client ID section within the Contentful Integration (Integrations > Contentful Integration > Configure > Client ID).

2. Once pasted in, click the Connect button and complete the authentication process. This will prompt you to authorize UGC to use your Contentful Account. To proceed select Authorize

3. Once that step is completed the connection is completed and the button will turn to Disconnect.

4. By now you have given Nosto access to use your Contentful account. The next step is to provide access to Contentful to access your UGC account. To do this, simply click on the Authorise Stackla API button located further down.

5. Upon clicking, you will be prompted to log into your account again to authorize Contentful to access your Stack.

6. Once successful, the Authorise Stackla button will change from Green to Red, and the Spaces section on your account will now be populated with one or more Spaces associated with your Contentful account.


7. The final step in the process is simply to Install Nosto onto that Space. To do this, simply hit the Install button next to the relevant Space(s) that you wish to enable Nosto on.

Next Steps: You will need to add Nosto UGC to one or more of your Contentful Content Models before you can display UGC Widgets.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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