SalesForce Marketing Cloud (also known as ExactTarget) enables clients to create re-usable Content Blocks or add Content on an Ad-Hoc / Per Template basis.

The following guide focuses on adding the Stackla Email Plugin on an Ad-Hoc basis.

1. Create New Email

First step within the SalesForce Marketing Cloud is to 'Create a New Email'.

From within the Email section of SalesForce Marketing Cloud, select 'Create' and then within the 'Define Properties' section, select the Email Template you wish to use.

Stackla's Email Plugin is able to work with any of the Templates offered within SalesForce Marketing Cloud or with coded HTML templates which are uploaded. For this guide, we are going to focus on adding the Email content to one of the pre-built 'Templates'.


2. Add Content Block

Once we've selected a template, we can now look to customise this template and add a Content Block.

Stackla's Email Plugin will work with any of the 'Content Blocks' which support an HTML editor. As such, it is possible to use it with the following Basic Content Blocks:

  • HTML

  • Free Form

  • Text + Image

  • Text

And the following Advanced Content Blocks:

  • A/B Test

  • Dynamic Content

  • Predictive Content

For the purpose of this guide, we are going to focus on HTML.


From the 'Blocks' tab, select the HTML tab and drag it to where you would like it to sit on the template:


From the dialog that loads up, simply insert your Email Template embed code and hit paste.

Now if you do pick another Content Block other than HTML, in order to insert the Email Embed code, simply select the HTML tab from the dialog that loads up and paste in the Email embed code.


Once saved, the Email Tiles should render within your Template similar to below (Note below Tiles have been customised using CSS).

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