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How to Create an UGC Automation Rule
How to Create an UGC Automation Rule
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Automation Rules provide the ability for customers to define workflows that will apply a transformation (Action) to a Tile or an Asset-based upon a set of pre-defined conditions (Trigger).

These Rules are run every time a new Tile is aggregated into the customer Stack or a new Asset is added to their Asset Manager.

The various parameters that a customer can specify when creating an Automation Rule via the UGC Admin User Interface are:


  • Tile: Apply this Automation Rule to UGC Tiles Aggregated

  • Asset: Apply this Automation Rule to new Assets added


  • Match All: All conditions must be True for the Trigger to be fired

  • Match Any: Any condition can be True for the Trigger to be fired



The instructions below outline how to set up an automation Rule:

1. Go to Settings > Automation Rules in the Navigation.

2. Select Create New Rule from the Manage Automation Rules page.

3. The Automation Rule modal will load. The first step is to pick the type of Automation Rule you wish to create.


4. After selecting the type you will be able to add a Rule Name. This name is what will be used to help identify the rules from the manage Automation Rules page.

5. The next step is to define the Scope of the Trigger. This Scope determines whether or not ALL or ANY of the Conditions you define in the Trigger section.

6. Once you have defined the Scope, you will now have the ability to create a Condition or a Group. A Group is a set of Conditions that can have its Scope. You can either use the Criteria Builder or the Query Editor to do this.


7. Once you have defined your Triggers, you can now define your Actions. You can either use the Criteria Builder or the Query Editor to do this.

8. The final step in the process is to Save the Rule. The Automation Rule will then be run against either every newly aggregated Tile or newly created Asset, depending on the type selected.

Note: Automation Rules will not be applied to Tiles or Assets that already exist in your UGC account.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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