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How to add a UGC User and Which role to give them
How to add a UGC User and Which role to give them
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Provided you are an Administrator, you will have the ability to create a new user for your UGC account. Follow the below instructions to learn how to create a new user and provide them with the correct permissions.


  1. Click on Users > Administrators and then select Send Seat Invite.

  2. Once the pop-up box appears enter the user's email address and select an appropriate role.

    • OWNER: Owner users have complete access to all functions within the Nosyo Platform.

    • MODERATOR USER: Moderators have access to curate Content within the Nosto Platform.

    • DEVELOPER USER: Developer Users can configure outputs and integrations in the Nosto Platform.

    • ASSETS USER: Asset Users have access to the UGC Asset Manager within the Nosto Platform

    • ADMIN USER: Admin Users have access to core Administrative functionality within the Nosto Platform, but no Settings Access

    • ADVERTISER USER: Advertiser Users have access to Tiles and Assets in the Nosto Platform, plus our Ad Plugins.

    • ANALYST USER: Analyst Users have access to Reporting within the Nosto Platform.

  3. Click Send Invitation to activate. Once sent, the user will receive an email (sometimes this ends up in the Spam folder) which will direct them to the Nosto registration screen. From here, they will need to fill in their details and an account will be created.


For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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