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UGC Automation Rules Variables : Tiles
UGC Automation Rules Variables : Tiles
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Automation Rules provide the ability for customers to define workflows that will apply a transformation (Action) to a Tile based upon a set of pre-defined conditions (Trigger).

Included below is a list of Triggers and Actions that are available for Tiles within the UGC Admin User Interface leveraging the Criteria Builder. Additional Triggers and Actions are available using the Query Editor or Automation Rules API.

To find out more about the Query Editor and API, click here.


  • Concepts: Visual Recognition Labels

  • Media: Tile Media Type (ie. Image, Video, HTML, etc)

  • Message: Keyword or Hashtag in the Tile

  • Network: Source (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)

  • Rights Status: Rights Approved / Not Rights Approved

  • Term: Only apply to content aggregated from a particular Term


  • Location: Add a Latitude / Longitude to the Tile

  • Sentiment: Change the Tile sentiment to Positive / Neutral / Negative

  • Tag: Apply one or multiple Tags

  • Status: Change the Status of the Tile

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