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SSO: How to Setup Nosto's UGC as a Google SAML App
SSO: How to Setup Nosto's UGC as a Google SAML App
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The below steps outline how you can leverage your Google Business (GSuite) Account as a SAML IdP with Nosto, allowing your users to log into Nosto UGC using the same credentials they use for their Google Mail and other Google Business Apps.

1. Create your SAML App

The first step to enabling your UGC users to connect to your company's Stack(s) using their Google Business Account is to setup Nosto as a SAML App.

To do this, simply log into your Google Business (GSuite) Admin and go to 'Apps > SAML Apps'.

From here you should be presented with a screen similar to below. Simply click on the option 'Add a service / App to your Domain'.


From here you will be presented with a dialogue box containing the five steps you need to follow to setup Nosto as a SAML App within your Google domain and enable Single Sign On (SSO)

On the first page, simply select the option titled 'Setup my own Custom App' from the base of the prompt to proceed.


From here you will be given some basic IdP information from Google. On this step, we will want to download the IDP Metadata file (Option 2) provided on this screen. This file is required in order for Nosto to link your Google Business Account with your respective Stack(s).


Once downloaded, you can hit 'Next'. You should now be presented with the opportunity to provide some basic information around your Custom App. Arguably you can put whatever information you would like in here, however some sample content you may wish to consider includes:

  • Application Name: Stackla

  • Description: User Generated Content Market Platform


Once you are happy with the above, you can simply hit 'Next' to progress to the Service Provider setup page.

On the Service Provider page, you will want to populate the following details as per the screenshot below.


From here you can simply hit 'Next' and jump pass the Attribute Mapping page as there is no Custom Attributes which need to be setup meaning you can just hit 'Finish' on Tab 5.


2. Provide your IDP Metadata File & Domain to Nosto

Once you have set everything up on the Google end, all you need to do is get Nosto to configure on their end which User(s) need to sign in now using their Google credentials.

To do this, simply email your Customer Success Account Manager with the following details:

  • IDP Metadata File (The XML File you downloaded earlier)

  • Domain (ie.

The domain(s) will determine which users are forced to sign in via Google moving forward.

3. Enable SSO via your Google

Once the above steps have been completed, you can enable your new SAML App. To do this, simply go to 'Apps > SAML Apps', click on your Nosto Custom App and select one of the 'On' options.


For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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