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Getting Started with UGC Group Management (SGM)
Getting Started with UGC Group Management (SGM)
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UGC Group Management allows Enterprise customers and large Agencies to control multiple UGC accounts (stacks) and their usage access via one simple home screen. This feature allows customers to:

  • Distribute entitlements (Terms, Filters and Users) between the grouped UGC accounts

  • Reserve minimum entitlement levels for specific UGC account within the Group

  • Access to view all grouped UGC accounts through a single home screen

  • Leverage Stack to Stack (S2S) copying.

How does this work?

  • Once enabled, simply go to and log in using your account details

  • At the top of the page there are two options; Groups and Stacks

  • Select Groups to review all UGC accounts that are connected via Group Management

  • The top of the page will contain an overview section to highlight the total entitlements for all UGC accounts connected via Group Management. There are two options that need to be considered for all UGC accounts, these are:

    • Allocated: this allows Group Managers to reserve a number of Terms, Filter or Users for each UGC account. This ensures that each account has access to the right amount of entitlements based on their requirements. It will also stop other accounts from using those entitlements.

    • Maximum: the total amount of entitlements available for a specific UGC account

  • To update and organise these entitlements for each UGC account select, 'Manage Entitlements'

  • Click on 'More Options' to update the Reserved and Maximum limits for each UGC account.

  • Click Save to lock in your changes. Repeat this process for other UGC account if needed

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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