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FAQ: How can I post-moderate content from the 'front-end'?
FAQ: How can I post-moderate content from the 'front-end'?
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So you'd like to auto-publish your content, but be able to quickly delete something you don't like? Easy. You can achieve this using our front-end moderation tools.

As an Admin viewing your UGC account, you'll notice several tools positioned above each content tile. They'll look like this:

You can use these tools to moderate content directly from the front end. Here is what they all mean:

Quick Pin: This button allows you to feature or 'pin' content to the top of your UGC account pages. If you pin multiple pieces of content it will be pinned to the top of your UGC account in then order you pinned the content.

Ban User: This button will 'ban' the contributing user. You can then manage your banned users within the Admin Portal under Users > Banned Users. Content from users who are 'banned' will automatically be Disabled.

Update Avatar Image: If a user's Instagram avatar isn't displaying correctly, this button will refresh and return the correct avatar.

Delete Tile: This button sends that item to the 'Disabled' list and removes it from the display.

Note: You will have to refresh your page to see the updates take effect in your browser.

For any further questions or queries, please send an email to and our support team will get back to you.

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