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User And Merchant Accounts and Log-In Issues
User And Merchant Accounts and Log-In Issues

User management, Accounts, Password reset

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Also answering, why do you might see multiple accounts when you log-in to Nosto.

User Account

User account is always an email address, which is used as username to log-in to Nosto’s service. A single user can manage multiple accounts either as a user or as an owner of the account. The only difference between a user and an owner is that an owner can add and remove new users.

Merchant Account

An accountID refers to an individual Nosto shop account, which is managed and accessed by users and an owner. An accountID is visible under account settings. An account is identified by a unique accountID, which identifies together with a hostname a store to Nosto. If you have multiple accounts available when you log-in to Nosto, your user account has simply been associated with multiple merchant accounts!

Password Reset

Use the forgot password tool in the log-in screen at Usernames are always email-addresses.

User Management Guidelines

To ensure your privacy and security and as a standard security practice for SaaS-services, Nosto’s sales or support can’t add new users or edit or remove existing based on email, SMS or telephone requests after an account has been created. Account’s user management is your responsibility as a Nosto user as we don’t have a meaningful way to verify and identify requests afterwards.

All Nosto accounts have an account owner who can administrate and manage e.g. add and remove other users who are then given an access to the Nosto account. If you signed up on the website this is the email address given during the sign-up. In case you’re associated with our direct sales, the account owner is unambiguously defined in the signed contract along with other account users.

Before an account owner leaves a company, ensure that the person assigns a new owner for the service. Read here how to add new users under user management.

Account Ownership Change

Primarily try to reach out to your account owner and ask the person to change the ownership to you or someone else in your organization. In case an owner is unreachable, deceased or have lost credentials and access to the Nosto admin, contact Nosto support by logging in to the Nosto admin and send a request while logged in yourself. Manual verification process for ownership change can take several days or weeks, making the ownership change independently from the admin easier and faster solution.

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