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Products With Multiple Prices (configurable products)
Products With Multiple Prices (configurable products)
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If you offer configurable products that differ in price based on customer input, but not in Product-ID, Nosto needs to be set up in a certain way for some shop platforms.

As example a jewelery store might offer gold rings that change price based on the size of the ring.

1) Make sure your ecommerce plattform provides a price variable with the lowest price of each SKU. This is equivalent to what is seen in the category listing as the “from” price. This needs to be a variable that is rendered in HTML so Nosto can grab it from the frontend. Tag it as „price“ in Nosto.

2) Optionally tag the highest price using our tag fields 1-3. Again this needs to be rendered in HTML.

3) Then, it makes sense to use our tag fields (tag1, tag2 or tag 3) to tag products who have multiple prices (as opposed to only one price). This makes it possible to identify those for the template/design of the recommendation.

4) In the recommendation template make use of the above variables to amend the design of how prices are shown:

Single price SKU: 100 Euro

SKU with multiple prices : „Starting from“ 100 Euro

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