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Account settings menu hosts the primary settings of the account.

General Settings


The unique Nosto account identifier used in the implementation in the embed script. A person who is handling the technical implementation needs to know the detail.


Selected currency for billing purposes.

Date Created

Date when the account was created

Merchant Name 

This is the descriptive name of the account, displayed in a list when logging in to Nosto in case multiple accounts are managed by the same user. Changing it doesn’t adjust any technical attributes, but keep in mind that in case this is altered, you might confuse other users of the account

Recommendations Visible

The main switch which controls the global visibility of on-site recommendations and essentially going live with recommendations. On the contrary it works as a switch hiding all recommendations. Public visibility of individual recommendations is controlled under recommendation slots.

Front Page Url

Front Page Url is one of the mechanisms keeping the data valid. Traffic from the hostname listed here as a url is accepted and processed by Nosto, whereas traffic from other hostnames which might use the same accountID in the javascript is ignored. The address set here should always point to the front (home) page of the site where Nosto is used as otherwise Nosto will simply ignore the traffic.

The setting reads only the hostname segment of a url. For example and are treated equally meaning that folder structures such as example’s /en and /es are irrelevant.

As an additional note, in case you implemented Nosto on a test or staging environment and now want to use Nosto for production purposes using the same account, keep in mind that altering front page url settings here will only change what traffic is accepted and processed beyond adjusting and saving the configurations. In general, Nosto recommends always using a separate account for development and testing as the product catalogue indexed can refer to obsolete and/or erroneous Urls, such as to your test site if it was connected to the account you are now adjusting. Test accounts intended for development purposes are clearly flagged in the admin user interface as below.

Updating products after making changes will remove erroneous links after swapping front page url setting, but also requires that Nosto is not present on the staging environment anymore.

Primary Domain

Primary domain setting allowing the use of the same Nosto account on sites featuring multiple subdomains. Basically it extends the front page url setting to cover multiple hostnames

For example if site’s home page address is and the same account is used on adding (main domain) in primary domain field overrides the front page url setting and accepts traffic from all subdomains of Could also be read as accept traffic from “*”.

Search Query Parameter

Nosto reads and processes search terms used on a site by catching the string in browser’s address field after a parameter set here. The easiest way to review is to make a search on a site. On the search results page look for a character or a string before the search term used, separated by “=” character. In the example below, used searchterm is “nostosearch” and the search query parameter is “q”.

In case a site doesn’t feature a search query parameter it can be replaced with tagging, read instructions here.

Advanced Settings

List of IP Addresses To Ignore

This setting can be used for testing Nosto features.

Traffic from listed IP-addresses is ignored in traffic related statistics. Browser sessions or generally visitors from blacklisted addresses are still visible in live feed in dashboard, but the traffic is ignored and excluded in the background. Supports only individual addresses not address-ranges. In the example image above, traffic from address would be ignored.

This means that all the features will work normally. For example abandoned cart emails will be sent normally, orders will be registered normally, but the visit related statistics (and billing) will not be affected.

Other Hosts Used By The Site

Similar setting to the front page url and extends the range of addresses where Nosto can be used and hosts from which traffic is accepted and processed, but based on single hostname settings. List hostnames in similar manner to front page url into the input area. Typically used if site’s order confirmation page is located under different hostname such as In the example image above, the setting in primary domain effectively accepts traffic from all subdomains hence additional setting would not be necessary.

Categories listed here will be ignored when cross-selling filter settings are applied. For instance, in Nosto’s tagging approach a product can belong to multiple categories such as :


When cross-selling filters based on categories are used, in the following example Nosto wouldn’t be able to recommend items from “Other categories” as self-explanatory all products belong to category


To avoid this, you can flag certain categories as navigation categories, which are then ignored by cross-selling filters.

Price Formatting

Features general visual settings for price displayed in Nosto’s recommendations and adjusting how prices are displayed. Most common use cases are adjusting currency symbol and positioning after/before price.


  • Example: Displays preview

  • Decimal places: Number of decimals applied

  • Decimal separator

  • Thousand separator

  • Currency symbol

  • [symbol] placement: before or after the price


Nosto admin panel user interface language. Changing the language does not affect visible features such as on-site recommendation titles.

Please note that when changing the language, generating new campaigns will have their default input text (such as the title) in the respective language.
That can be helpful, if you want to translate the recommendation slots for example.

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