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Order report is reporting and debugging tool providing full visibility to orders which were made through Nosto generated features with the exception of Facebook ads.

The time settings allow limiting the report output to only given date range. Note that orders in the report are in time-zone UTC.

Orders report downloads the order report in .csv format and includes a collaborative list of all orders. Column breakdown below

  • orderNumber: OrderID as mapped to Nosto in the implementation.

  • date: Date of purchase

  • productCount: Overall amount of purchases items

  • productCountThroughNosto: Amount of items purchased through Nosto generated recommendations

  • salesTotal: Overall value of sales

  • salesTotalThroughNosto: Overall value of sales through Nosto

  • ignoredOrder: Flagged as a cancelled and ignored order in the analytics due to ambiguous data

Product Report 

Products Report is even more detailed report tool allowing tracking also which products were ordered through each Nosto generated recommendation

  • productId: ProductID as mapped to Nosto in the implementation

  • productName: Product name as mapped to Nosto in the implementation

  • date: Date of purchase

  • orderNumber: OrderID as mapped to Nosto in the implementation.

  • qty: Quantity of line items

  • price: Price of purchased product(s)

  • salesTotal: Total sales

  • saleWithoutNosto: Total of sales not associated to Nosto

  • saleThroughNosto: Sales through a Nosto recommendation

  • nostoRecommendation: Recommendation slot ID which generated the sales i.e. customer clicked the recommendation, added the product to the cart and bought it

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