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How reindexing works and when to use

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Introduction And When to Use

Nosto features a product update tool, which allows full re-indexation of product catalogue to Nosto. A full update is rarely necessary, but in the event site-wide changes to the Nosto implementation are deployed or when a significant update to prices or to other product attributes is applied on the site e.g. during a start and an end of Black Friday or Virtual Monday sales, you might need to update all product data at Nosto by requesting a one-off full update. A full re-indexation will effectively keep the product information such as price and product images consistent with your site’s data.


A full re-indexation is needed only if a site has been implemented using Nosto’s general tagging method, but in case you have implemented a product update process leveraging Nosto’s API, a manual re-indexation is in most cases not needed as Nosto receives product updates directly from your store’s back-end in real-time. Following e-commerce platforms and softwares have built-in automatic update functionality from the site’s back-end, meaning that an update process is automatic and re-indexation needed only if the back-end integration has been changed. Read more details here.

Launching an Update

An update is requested and executed under menu Catalog Explorer > Update Catalog

Update only available products is by default on as the setting queries only details of products that are currently available (= not discontinued) and are therefore relevant.

Additional Notes

Single product updates can be executed using the Nosto debug toolbar and under browse products.

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