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Adding and removing the "From" addresses in triggered email campaigns

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This article answers question: What is a sender address and how to set it up.

Enabling Nosto email campaign requires sender’s address validation by Nosto’s email service provider. In collaboration with our service provider we send a verification email to the selected sender address which you as a customer need to manage. The email includes a permission request if Nosto should be allowed to send emails using your selected email address as a sender. Note that dispatching test emails even when not live with emails also requires a sender address validation.

Start the process by saving a sender email address. This won’t send a verification email yet.


In the next menu, set out the sender email address and click Save&Send Verification email. Note! Address needs to refer to an accessible inbox because verification message is sent to the given address! For example, inaccessible address is not a suitable option as someone needs to access the inbox and validate the email!

In the example below, verification process has not been started yet as stated in Verification status.


Clicking send verification email starts the process. A verification e-mail is immediately sent to the given email-address from address Since the email is an automated message it might occasionally be treated by some email services as spam so please check your spam and possible other folders for the message. The email includes instructions for approval and a confirmation link, which leads through the process. An example of the email content below.

Dear Merchant,

We are sending this email in order to verify that Merchant [merchant name] can send emails from this address [sender email] by the Nosto services.

Go to the verification link in the email and approve that Nosto can send email using the given address. This should land you back to the Nosto admin where a sender status is confirmed as below.


Once the email address is verified and when you click it in the previous menu the status is changed to: “Verified” such as below. If the email is already used by an email campaign, campaign type is also listed as below. After you have verified at least one sender address you can set it up for the email campaign type you want to use under Emails > Triggered emails.

In case an email address has not yet been verified, the status is pending for 24 hours (see below).


Status changes to Failed if the sender address is not approved in the given time and you need to send the verification email again.

DMARC, SPF and DKIM Records

Once sender address has been successfully verified you can set up associated records to improve email delivery. Applicable unique records are available in the same view, under sender addresses.

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