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Key feature for Nosto to work in any way

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Adding an embed script is the key feature which enables the data exchange between the target site and Nosto. The script needs to be present on every page and needs to be executed on each page load similarly to analytics scripts such as Google’s, hence we suggest to include it in a main page template, if one is available.

<script src="//[account id]" async></script>

General guidelines

The script should be loaded before the context segment of the page, which is why we recommend to place the code in <head> section of the site or at least on top of the <body> so that it is loaded before a page renders on a browser.

The only unique segment in the script is the [accountID], which needs to be replaced with a unique Nosto accountID. If you don’t know the Nosto ID, log-in to Nosto and navigate to Account menu where the ID is visible.

How to review and debug

Once finished, review using debug-tool and if the debug toolbar executes and all looks good, jump into tagging product detail pages!

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