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Getting Started With Abandonment Cart Pop-Up
Getting Started With Abandonment Cart Pop-Up

Easy first steps with pop-ups

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The Abandonment Cart Pop-up is an interactive overlay message displayed to a visitor who is about to leave an online store with one or more items in their cart. It’s a great way of capturing valuable email addresses from new visitors to your store, allowing you to follow-up with abandoned cart emails and making it easy for visitors to continue their shopping journey where they left off.


Why And When To Use The Tool?

With global abandoned cart rates now averaging 80%, it is increasingly important for online retailers to re-target visitors who leave the site having shown a clear intention to buy something by adding products to their shopping carts. This is where the Nosto abandoned cart email comes in.

Unfortunately though, many visitors don’t log-in or register and so in many cases their email address is not captured, making it impossible to send them any emails. Nosto’s Recovery Pop-Up solves this problem by giving new visitors to your store the opportunity to ‘save their basket to email’ just before they leave your site.

It’s a great way of helping your visitors keep a record of the items they liked from your store so they can purchase them later and, for you as the retailer, it allows you to send abandoned cart emails that you would not have been able to send otherwise. Win-win!

How the Abandonment Cart Pop-up Tool works

Nosto now features the abandonment cart pop-up tool opens when an unidentified visitor with products in the cart has been idle for a while and is about the leave the online store.

The pop-up overlay window displays the items currently held in the cart and features an input field for an email address along with fully customisable copy-text areas, where you can kindly ask your customer to leave an email address so that you can automatically send them the Nosto abandon cart email a moment later.

For the record: Despite the efforts of our software engineers, we were unable to telepathically read customers’ minds yet, so for now the intention to leave is detected by tracking a user’s mouse movements when a user moves a mouse off from the actual page content to browser’s back-button or url-address field.

What is the value: For business leaders

The value of abandoned cart emails varies per business, but on average our merchants generate approx three euros per sent email. The value of the Recovery Pop-Up can thus immediately be equated with the additional revenue generated from abandoned cart emails that you would not have been able to send otherwise.

But it goes beyond this, of course, because you are actually acquiring brand new leads that you can continue to market to beyond this abandoned cart.

If you are already sending triggered emails you can easily check the value of your email-campaigns from the Nosto admin panel under menu Analytics > Triggered Emailing.

The ROI? It takes roughly 5 minutes to launch so you do the maths!

How to communicate: For marketers & copywriters

Remember to play nice! Consider abandoned cart emails as service emails that help your customers to continue shopping conveniently without the hassle of finding the same products again. Be sure to communicate this clearly in the site abandonment pop-up tool where you ask for an email address!

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