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Getting Started With E-Mail Features
Getting Started With E-Mail Features

Easy first steps setting up Triggered Emails

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Nosto features automatic triggered email-service to increase the number of returning customers.

Unlike traditional e-mail marketing, every email sent by Nosto is personalized based on recipients’ or customers’ past behavior on an online store. For example, emails can feature products from customers’ personal browsing histories or products related to the browsing histories, hence a triggered email is much more relevant to a recipient than a generic newsletter.

Nosto collects email addresses when a customer logs in an online store or finishes a visit with a check-out.

Currently Nosto introduces three campaign types with different trigger points.

  • Abandon Cart: Triggered by cart abandonment i.e. products added to a cart without a checkout. Best practice is to send the email 15-30 minutes after abandonment and potentially again 24 hours later.

  • Order Follow-up: Triggered by successful check-out. Best practice depends on business goals, but one shouldn’t send one before customer has presumably received the order.

  • We Miss You: Triggered if a customer has not visited a store i.e. activating an idle customer. We Miss You’s should be sent repeatedly and send timing is again based on business goals. Recommendable timing is to send first roughly a month after the last visit and again 45 or 60 days after.

Visit Email Manuals on our support pages.

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