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How to Integrate with Nosto
How to Integrate with Nosto

Import product rating & review data to power Onsite Product Recommendations

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By integrating with Nosto, you're able to recommend products that are best ranked in terms of ratings and reviews, and also show rating and review count in your Onsite Product Recommendations Showing ratings will build trust towards your store and improve the credibility of your products. Adding ratings and reviews also power up your recommendations by helping you to sell more and make most out of both Nosto and together.

Connecting with Nosto

Navigate to the Integrations section of Settings in the Nosto admin panel. Scroll down to and expand the section by clicking the Integrate button. Click Submit and you're done!

The import time depends on how large your product catalog is. It can take anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour for the import to complete.

Once the Rating & Review data has been imported, you can begin leveraging it for filtering Product Recommendations, styling them in your Product Recommendation Templates, in sorting rules for Category Merchandising or for filtering in the Catalog Explorer.

Prerequisites and Troubleshooting

The integration works by crawling Product Description Pages, so a product review widget must be present on each product page in order for Nosto to be able to import review data.

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