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This is a specific article about leveraging custom product attributes.

Nosto supports adding stars – as in product review rating – to the templates of
recommended products. Here is how its done:

Using Default Templates

If you use default recommendation templates, simply flip the switches under Template Settings > Properties and disable or enable ratings and/or reviews

Using Custom Templates

  1. Use our tag fields rating_count and review_count pass the rating results on product page, as you would when you pass us other product variable such as price. This will be probably a number between 1 and 5.

 <span class="review_count">20</span>
 <span class="rating_value">3.0</span>

2) Inside the template section, this variable is now available for use.
3) Create the actual stars using CSS based on the tag field variable.  http://css-tricks.com/star-ratings/

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